Abstract Thursday ....

... filling the frame.

And the day as well!  We had such a busy day today from start to finish. 

We started the day with a follow up appointment with my surgeon.  For those of you following along I've set up the surgery for May 12. I'm still very apprehensive about the whole surgery as there's still so many unknowns.  The surgeon isn't concerned with the largest of the cysts as he said it's been there for a loooong time but he will remove it.  He's more concerned with all the other groups of cysts inside the pancreas.  We are very concerned that he will be aggressive once in the surgery and I will lose a good portion of the pancreas.  But he has assured us that he will try to be conservative ... we can only hope so.  

After leaving the surgeon's office we went to the Lehigh Valley Zoo.  For a Thursday morning it was quite busy ... but it was another gorgeous spring day.  I took lots of pictures looking for the perfect "filling the frame" abstract. It wasn't until we got around to this exhibit that I found the perfect opportunity.  Can you tell what it is?  This is SOOC ... with only a slight crop.  We had a picnic lunch before leaving the zoo.  Little did we know that today was National Zoo Lovers Day!

We returned home by 1-ish as Richard was only taking half a day off from work. He is so busy with work and I so appreciate the time he's been taking off to go with me to my doctor's appointments. ♥

When he was done work we grabbed some sandwiches at a local deli and headed for Jacobsburg State Park for a picnic supper!  That's two picnics in one day!  We wanted to check on the frogs at the frog pond ... we only saw a couple but at least they have surfaced after their long winter's nap.  After Jacobsburg we took the short drive to Plainfield Rail Trail for another walk.  I didn't record this walk but between the Zoo and here we got in a decent amount of exercise today! I told you it was a busy one from start to finish!

My extra photo shows a sign in the bathroom at my surgeon's office.  It is quite cleverly written and I especially like #7! And I don't think the mean the goldfish crackers!  I don't typically post signs on blip but I really liked this one. 

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