By seizetheday

Beautiful bark

Needed to tackle several 'indoor' jobs this morning and, sometimes, on days like this, it feels very claustrophobic in the flat. I'm not a natural first-floor-flat dweller - still miss being able to look out at a garden...

So it was good to get out this afternoon, when MrM and I walked up past Pin Well and Kettles Fort and through the wood. It was quite dark in the dense woodland, and most of the several clearings had a Mad-Max-esque feel about them - they were full of fallen trees (victims of storms of the last few years) and debris from Forestry Commission felling. Some nice open views from some of the high points though. Just before we joined the main track down to Wooler Common, the sun shone on this old willow tree - love the colours and textures of the branches.

We were out for quite a while and it was gone 8.00pm by the time we walked back down in to Wooler. Couldn't face cooking from scratch, so it was pizza and salad this evening.

Sickened this morning on waking to the news that the UK has joined the US and France in bombing military installations in Syria...

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