By seizetheday

Rock formations

Work continues in the living room. Today MrM finished putting up the back boards for a shelf unit in the alcove, while I prepared the woodwork round the windows. Mid-afternoon we downed tools and set off for the DIY store in Alnwick, for some bits and pieces that the local hardware shop doesn't keep in stock. Arrived 10 minutes before the store closed, but mission accomplished!

Then on to Thrunton Woods. Walked up through the trees to Coe Crags, where there are some amazing rock formations, and found a sheltered spot to eat our sandwiches. Too late to go further, we walked back down through the woods and reached the car as the rain started.

Decidedly chilly, and felt colder on the tops than it did when we walked through Thrunton Woods to Long Crag at the very end of December. Maybe not surprising - the car thermometer registered 4degC as we drove home.

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