By seizetheday

Gate at Ad Gefrin

Such is life under Covid-19 lockdown that a 40-mile round trip to the supermarket, to fetch a click-and-collect order, feels like an enjoyable expedition! The first time we've been anywhere in the car for over 3 weeks, and in that time the landscape has changed and Spring has arrived - trees in leaf, blackthorn flowers in the hedgerows, and crops coming through. A very pleasant trip through the Scottish Borders!

Sainsbury's was very well organised for click-and-collect shopping - follow signs in the car park to a van containing all the orders for a specific time period, wait for your shopping to be brought and placed outside the car, and load it in to the boot. Instructions and thanks shouted across a distance, a wave on departure, and no other contact required! Relieved that we didn't have to shop in store.
The Blip shows the goat's head gatepost at Ad Gefrin (site of the 7th century palace of King Edwin of Northumbria and his successors), which we passed on the way. In the field opposite were 50 or 60 of the feral goats which usually graze on hills around Yeavering Bell.

ION - MrM contacted the dental surgery this morning, and spoke to the dentist herself. She was very helpful, gave him lots of advice, and told him what to do if it gets worse, but there's no chance of an emergency appointment any time soon. Now is not a good time to need a dentist...

Lockdown, day 22

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