Englishman in the Balkans

By BalkansDavid

The New Baker

Setting up a new business is no easy task here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although massively simplified over the past few years, it's still daunting to launch a business, and, of course, the beaurocracy is unreal.

Having said that, there never seems to be a shortage of new coffee bars and bakers (pekara), that pop up everywhere.

From what I have seen, most "new" coffee bars don't make it past month 10 of operation. I guess the same goes for bakers.

The nearest "village centre" is approximately 3 kilometres from us.

Driving through these past weeks, we have noticed a new Baker has set up, based in an upmarket "container".

Curiosity has got the best of us, so it's off to find out more about them!


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