By CleanSteve

The latest Gibson jigsaw puzzle

While H. was away last week I spent many an hour working on this jigsaw. H. had gathered some of the frame pieces and collected a few assortments of parts of the scene. I expect I did 90% of the finished  image which I completed this morning whilst eating my breakfast.

We really like the designs of this artist, who H. thinks has died. Now we've seen the finished picture,  H. wants me to make a large print from a photo of it, which I'll try to do tomorrow. This was taken handheld with my little Fujifilm X100T, and I do think it has done a fine job. The colours the Fuji systems produce are fabulous. This is using their 'Provia/Standard' calibration preset, if you are interested in that sort of thing.

I did allow some of my nearly flowering succulent to drape over the top left of the picture, as I liked the effect.

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