Millennium Bridge

Photographer’s Gallery - Under Cover: A Secret History Of Cross-Dressers. Rules about clothing, especially gendered rules, sap my energy so I had a complicated relationship with this exhibition drawing attention to people flouting rules that should not be there. 

Then this place, which I find fiendishly difficult to photograph so which continues to attract me.

Then Sam Wanamaker Playhouse for Vivaldi's The Four Seasons: A Reimagining. Good music and astonishingly convincing puppetry which was fantastic when the story drew me in, but too much it didn't. I very much liked the puppets batting the puppeteers away when they wanted to do their own thing.

But after all I was, sadly, on the side of the three-star reviewers rather than the five-star ones.

A couple of backblips for my record and because I'm trying to catch up with my life - not really worth your time:
8 April
9 April

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