Newark town hall ballroom ceiling

On our way home from visiting Mr hazelh's family in Nottingham today we found ourselves in Newark with a couple of hours to spare. We spent some of this time in the town hall, looking at the exhibits in the small art gallery and museum, and then visiting its magnificent Georgian ballroom (blipped). Afterwards we sat outside in the market square in the sunshine. Here we enjoyed home-made British chestnut mushroom soup and toasties for our lunch.

Our journey back to Edinburgh from Newark on the Virgin East Coast line went to plan until we reached York. Here we were told that a few minutes earlier our driver had experienced a 'near miss', was rather shaken, and did not wish to continue his shift. (I hadn't noticed anything, but Mr hazelh said he did wonder about some hard braking.) Everyone was then invited to disembark and join the Cross Country train about to set off north from the opposite platform.

Mr hazelh and I decided to wait another half hour for the next service to Edinburgh instead. This was a good move because rather than being crushed into the first train available with twice the number of passengers expected, we had plenty of space on the later train. Despite the minor disruption of the wait in York, we had a good journey overall (and I hope that the driver is feeling better soon). We are now happy to be home again after our fun weekend away.

Exercise today: walking (10,023 steps).

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