By dreaming

A birthday

Today is Minkelina's official birthday, as determined by me, and she is now 11 years old.  As I was almost out of her chow, I headed to PetSmart and was faced with a wide range of choices, as you can see.  It turns out that 11 is the beginning of old age, as far as cat food is concerned.  I've been feeding her Active Longevity for several years, but today I purchased Indoor Age Defying chow. (Where do they get these names?!)  She certainly doesn't seem old to me, and I'm hoping that she will be with me for a long time to come.

The pet store is next door to the Asian Market across the avenue, and I went in there because produce prices have skyrocketed in the last week.  The Extra shows what I was able to buy for $8.52; the same items in my usual market would have totaled more than $18. I'd call that a real bargain.

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