TT151 - Indulge me ...

... if you will!

He’s so itsy, and I guess we’re going to see him every day from now on, so he fits the sub-theme too!

I had a good morning at work and Nikau and I have been chilling out together this afternoon. He’s curled up in my lap, snoozing his little heart out.

I’ve just made a Vet’s appointment for him on Thursday. I had a little cry on the phone when I called to make the appointment. I requested not to be put in the consult room where Cousteau was put to sleep. I’m not even nearly ready for that.

Little Miss wants us to get him checked out now that he’s hers. Very responsible pet owning!

Oh, and you won’t be surprised to hear that Nikau did not settle in the laundry last night, and ended up sleeping between Mr B and me on our bed. He was an angel.


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