Adam's Images

By ajt


We arrived in Saint-Malo on the ferry around 8am. We Had part of our breakfast on the ferry and then bought the second part from a patisserie in town. We then walked slowly to the big shopping centre to the south, to buy lunch materials for a picnic and something for breakfast tomorrow. By late morning the sun had come out, so when we walked to the beach for lunch it was all nice and sunny.

At lunch time the estate agent rang to say that they were running late, so out early afternoon meeting had become an late afternoon one. So we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and went to the Intra-Muros to wander around. By the middle of the afternoon a storm blew in and we got a downpour with thunder and lightening, but it blew through quite quickly and we were able to go onto the beach when the sun came out again - the extra photo was taken then.

In the evening we ambled back to the estate agent, and spent about an hour signing papers and initialling endless pages of documents while the rain battered the town. Finally we walked back to the Intra-Muros where this misty photo of one of the off-shore forts was taken to have a gelette and crêpe. The galettes were good but one of the crêpes was just too big and I needed rolling back to the hotel...!

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