Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

A tiny thing I see every day...

that I actually use to see every day!!    I only have to wear one contact lens for my long distance vision as my eyes seem to be getting better as I get older instead of worse.    This is the lens after I removed it today as I have to take it out to read books or be on the computer.   I can see close up just fine!    Thanks to intothehills for the prompt!

The Eagles concert last night was wonderful...loud and energetic!   It was so fun listening to the people around us singing the words to the could we not as the music has been around for 46 years. We noticed that the majority of the people there had to be 40 or older!   Don Henley made a comment when he welcomed the fans.."We are happy to be here singing our songs because we are still able!"    Most of the band members are 70 years old!!   Still rocking!   There were a few sniffles when young Deacon Frey aged 24,  son of Glenn Frey, one of the original members,  sang one of his Dad's songs with Glenn's photo on the big screen behind him.  Two and one half hours of music!   I really don't expect to see these guys touring again after this time.   It has to be hard on their old bodies with the traveling and performing every day or so.   Well worth the money I spent for the tickets.  

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