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Wide Wednesday and Blip Dogs

I tried to take a blip of little Porridge yesterday for tiny Tuesday and Blipdogs2018 but she never seems to stop. Today I had another try and got this from about 500m away so the shot is not that clear, but I sort of like the way it has made the background a bit impressionistic showing the beautiful autumn colouring.

Porridge Oats is Tommy’s walking companion. Tom is a Foxy and Porridge is a tiny mini variety. Many people think Tom is her mother but she is almost two.

Porridge is almost famous. Her owner is Grange Calveley who writes children’s books and the latest is about Porridge, inspired by her and the grandchildren. The stories begin with four cousins and their little dog Patch- but a summer storm changes things....so the story goes. Grange was born in England but now lives here in our town...long story. He is best known for creating the Roobarb and Custard cartoons that aired on British and Aussie TV in the 70s. He keeps us amused on our daily walks. If interested you can find Grange Calveley on the internet and learn more about our little doggy. Extra is Porridge in mid air...her favourite place.

This is taken from a long distance but clipped to try to look like a wide angled shot, I hope Bobsblips doesn’t mind. thanks for hosting with the theme Beautiful ( today’s weather).

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