My 2,500th blip

Usual trip to Morrisons this morning.  Home to unpack and have breakfast.  I made some oaty pancakes which I served with yogurt and strawberries.  Then I put a load of washing on and settled down to read next weeks Radio Times.  Also made chicken and lentil casserole for my tea.

Neil is on a " split shift " today. Started at 9am. Finished at 12.10pm.  Back in again at 6.10pm until 9.10pm.  So he came here from 12.30pm until 5.30pm. Glad he managed to fit in a visit.  He was on my PC for most of the time updating his blog and other stuff but we chatted and had a good catch up. He had something to eat too.

The company he works for decided to enter a team into The Great North Run and chose the charity Marie Curie to receive sponsorship money.  So Neil decided to be part of the team.  He's done to GNR a few times before but was having a year off until this charity option came up. His girlfriend is doing it -  as well as Becky and Mike so its going to be a real family affair.

Weather today has been quite warm - not exactly the heatwave we were promised but its getting there.

So ...... today I'm posting my 2,500th blip. I love being a blipper - belonging to the blip community is a big part of my life. Thanks to everyone for your comments, stars and hearts over the past 2,500 days.  And a big thank you to Blip Central who make the whole thing possible.

(I had fun cutting out and gluing the numbers to make my blip shot - I felt like a five year old.)

Steps today - 4,073

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