By Livingandloving

Meet Gemma

Soooooo.....ummmm....yeah!  We got baby chicks on Saturday.  Only join our other 2 adult chickens, but it felt a bit silly.  We don't need more eggs, that's for sure, but they are soooooo cute.  We decided to go ahead, and then Sugar is going to sell the eggs to raise money for her 8th grade trip next year. Now we just need the next 4 or so months to fly by, so we can start getting more eggs.  

In the mean time....we are loving this little peeps.  We got two Sapphire Gems (Gemma and Sapphire), and two Delewares (Opal and Pearl).  They will join our two Black Sex-links (Helen and Amber) when the are old enough.  These little fuzz balls are just plain adorable and fun.  We know that a pretty ugly stage is we are trying to spend enough time with them now.  

The chicks took up a good portion of the day.  We did some random other things, and also spent some time on the couch catching up on our shows.  

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