Lizellens Lot

By lizellen

Common Blue or Pepe Ao Uri

I cant believe I have actually captured one of these tiny butterflies. Like the Common Copper, they are tiny - about 3 cm across - and seldom still. My insect book tells me that they are Australia's most common butterfly and have probably been blown here in storms for centuries. They are common in the North Island and the top of the South Island and West Coast.

Apparently in late summer it flies close to the ground, often resting with its wings slightly spread. And that is what it was doing today.

I was walking along the Inlet path and I glimpsed several of these flying erratically on either side of the path. Just ahead of me, one settled momentarily on a stone. I don't think I have ever focused the camera so quickly and was lucky to get it, just before it flew off again.

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