Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

That's my home!

What a glorious day. Seemed a shame not to go out, so after starting work at 6am, I'd had enough of work and thought I deserved a couple of hours off. So at 10am I popped over to Spike Island again. I met a really nice older man who I sat talking to for a while whilst watching an orange tip butterfly taunt us. It kept appearing and fluttering by, but never landed, so neither of us managed a shot. But we saw and heard blackcaps, and watched the goldfinches gathering nesting materials to line their nest. He also showed me a couple of places where he knew the woodpeckers had nested in the past, but we only caught a fleeting glance of a female, who then scarpered pretty quickly. 
I carried on my walk in search of the kingfisher, but she's not been seen for a while and again I was out of luck. 
On my way back to the car I popped into the wood again just to check if there were any woodpeckers about and saw this male who looked to be closely guarding this hole. He did a bit of pecking, but mainly just sat there keeping watch. I so hope they are nesting there, now I know where to look :) 

Tomorrow we are off for a weekend away - we are staying in a hotel just south of York, but plan on visiting the local RSPB sites, including Bempton Cliffs. I so want to see a puffin and a gannet and be able to get a reasonable shot. Let's see how we get on and if the fabulous weather continues.

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