Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I spent most of the day (Wednesday) with my arm in a sling having had a delayed reaction to a wrist injury sustained when I was felled by 13yo in a game of street basketball the evening before.

Perhaps I'd overdone it with  applause at the football but my wrist only seemed to start throbbing when I lay down to get to sleep which proved to be difficult. It had settled down a little by morning, and I had a busy day ahead of me so I elected not to go and get it checked out, and just followed the advice for a wrist sprain by getting myself fixed up with pain relief and a sling at the pharmacist.

Of course you can't wander round work with your arm in a sling without having to regale everyone with the story. I was teaching in the afternoon and as it happens my student group (which you may recall, are fellow lecturers) this year comprises a mix of paramedic, pharmacists, optometrist, midwife, nurse educator etc. Let's just say I wasn't short of advice and the consensus was that I  should get it checked out. So of course I decided to sleep on it again...

Not before I headed down to Esholt to watch a game of football which it turned out had been called off, but at least I got a nice walk along the riverside in the evening sunshine.

And incidentally, I saw my first Small White Butterfly of the year as I arrived on campus in the morning.

And as I was resting my wrist, I'm a day late with this entry.

And it seems I did almost the same blip five years ago, using almost the same title. How recursive am I?

Butterfly Journal 2018

3. 18/04/18: Small White, University of Bradford.

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