One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

And the winner is...

You see, when Mrs Raheny and Mimi and Finn went to see the first of the two performances of the Junior Plays 2018, and Mrs Raheny came back all enthusiastic, and said that it was all really good, and that there was some really good acting, and that Luca was the best, I believed her. 
I mean I believed that she thought that Luca was the best. In a totally objective, non-biased, motherly sort of way. 
And I was kinda of sure that all the moms in the theater thought the same thing, that the kids played their little hearts out, and managed to write, produce and direct six terrific plays, and that there was a lot of very convincing acting. But that that Luca Raheny was maybe just a little notch or two above the rest... Yeah, roight! 

But tonight I went and saw the Junior Plays 2018, with Pepe. 
And they were very good. And the kids played their little teenage hearts out. And they managed to stage six very good plays. And there was some very convincing acting. But one kid was that little tiny wee bit more special than the rest. The voice, the accent, the facial expressions, the body language, the voice projection, the elocution, the timing. 
I had to check the programme twice. Luca Raheny is his name.

And I am saying this in a totally objective, non-biased, fatherly sort of way. 

Well proud tonight. Well done Luca! 

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