Hot in the city

I long for the days of disorder. I want them back, the days when I was alive on the earth, rippling in the quick of my skin, heedless and real.

Cukenfest , our annual conference, starts today in Shoreditch. Where else? I Borisbike it across the city. It’s still cool, but the sky is clear and the day will be hot.

The conference goes well. I’m MC, but Theo has already done a great job of organising. We run through 11 short talks, with breaks and networking games, without deviating from the schedule.

There are Cucumber branded cupcakes for tea and handheld, electronic fans that spell out CUCUMBER in green LEDs. We finish with pizza, beer, and lightning talks.

Jez and I wander back up Old Street to a pub, where we have another wholly unnecessary beer, complete with a proper conversation. Then it’s another Borisbike back to the flat and a late takeaway meal with my mum.

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