Morning Light

This morning we had to say our fond farewells to John & Deb at lph, and to our new-found friends at the photo workshop. But before that I'd peeped out of the curtains at 6am and seen some lovely strands of mist hanging in the valley between Keswick and Bassenthwaite. So of course there was no point in trying to go back to sleep: I popped up the road and spent a happy hour taking photos. It was hard to choose the blip but I settled on this one in the end.

I'm a very lucky lad as having driven home to Newcastle this morning, I'm off on a bus to Greenhead this afternoon to join a couple of friends who are walking the Roman (Hadrian's) Wall. Because of the workshop I couldn't join them for the whole length of it, but I'm hoping to take 3 days to walk from Greenhead to Wylam, starting tomorrow morning (provided that my creaky knees and bad foot can cope!). I'm not sure whether I'll be able to blip while I'm travelling so there may have to be a few backblips.

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