A Sad And Fishy Tale

Four Canada geese spent the winter on our neighbour's lake. Now there is only one. It mopes around and seems not to have the inclination to feed or preen properly. I've been chatting to it daily for weeks and now it swims towards me. I've never fed it, so it's not cupboard love. As I tell it how beautiful it is it starts to preen. I think it has lost its mate and is in mourning. Canada geese mate for life and if their partner dies they will go into seclusion to mourn. Some will get over the loss and find another mate, some will remain alone for the rest of their lives.

I've taken so many images of my dear goose but haven't posted any as Canadas are so common. As I was chatting and snapping this morning a fish swam by. I didn't realise I'd captured its scale bokeh until I looked on screen. :)

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