By flying


......watching A flying to the Northern Hemisphere.

I called into mum's today, her way of watching A was via an old map of the world, you can see it's got a couple of holes in the folds. While E had downloaded an app to her phone and sent us all a pic of A's travel. This is mum's phone and map, two ways of watching travel, old and new how technology has progressed.

So far all is going well, while in transit in Sydney yesterday, A was able to pop out and see my brother and his family, a lovely photo came through with her cousins, happy tears for me. The long haul was from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, fourteen hours.....I've heard the food was great and she slept for most of it. Now as I type she's about to board for her flight to Amsterdam, just seven hours this one. On arrival she'll get perhaps two days to get some rest and explore before connecting with her tour group. She's doing well through the time zones and trying to fit into local time, we'll see how she goes on arrival in Amsterdam.

The world is a small place when there's so many friendly blippers around, thank you all for your kind words and offers of help, we're all so touched and very thankful :))

Saturday......communication and all it's different forms, grateful for modern technology for staying in touch.

Have a happy weekend everyone :) 

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