Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Around the corner

Walking homeward bound with my camera around my neck a lady approached me anδ pointed me to this rooftop where a pair of storκs built their nest on a chimney... round the corner storκs on their nest! So special this is to have them around in urban neighbourhood! I remeber that in my childhood, some 50 years ago we travelled over 125 into Brabant where the last nests of storκs were to be found. Since the last 2 decades they have multiplied and can be found in many provinces of the country and now even in my neighbourhood; how wonderful! I reckon this is the pair that I found in my backyard last December and one of them in March.

Altho' a picture of a storκ on the nest... grandchild due is still due :)

Have a good weekend you all!

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