a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Stormy Weather

We have just had a thunderstorm and so I took the opportunity to try to capture the lightning, which I've not managed to do before.  The storm has moved off now, but for about 15 minutes we had some fireworks going on in the sky above us.  

The rain was bucketing down so I set my tripod up in the garage so as to keep the camera kit dry.  On reflection I should really have tried for a shot from an upstairs window as that might have made a more interesting composition.  A lesson for next time perhaps?

As a result, I'm afraid that I've gone and changed my blip for today.  The original entry is below and the photo is now an extra.

Original Entry

This one is apparently a Pieris Flaming Silver (thank you Cathy).

Its now a gorgeous day here - although we did have an hour of rain earlier on.  I saw my first damselfly of the year, although by the time I had managed to grab my camera it had damselled off into the distance.  The lovely weather is due to break sadly, we have a possible thunderstorm forecast for this evening, but it has been delightful while it lasted.

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