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Poetry before supper

My favourite poet, R.S.Thomas, wrote a poem “Poetry for Supper”, in which two old poets argue in a pub about whether or not poetry needs to rhyme, while all around them the conversations flowed “glib with prose”. I was delighted this afternoon to join my grandson as he did his homework on the comprehension of a short poem, demonstrating his grasp of metaphor and simile and learning - from me - the power of the non-grammetric line. (I didn’t call it that).

I approve of this kind of homework, and I approve of the relatively short time spent doing it in a day full of football, messing about, and a haircut. There was time for a bit of quiet reflection, time to share ideas, time to show knowledge and understanding. This wasn’t just homework for the sake of it - and the skills honed in the doing of it will stand My grandson in good stead.

And isn’t his haircut great?

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