Taking shelter

This morning I had to take the car for its first service, and I had been told I would be OK to drive, but it would probably hurt.  And yes it hurt even more than normal!  No problems with the car, and we were chatting to the Sales Manager who was incredulous that we had been turned away by one of their salesmen last year as we weren't VIPs (existing customers) last year!  He assured us that would not happen again if we decide to change our car.  The teddy bears in the cabinet had been intended to be my Blip.

However, I decided to try a short walk after lunch to see how my foot is doing.  It decided to rain at that point!  So the daffodils and the poor bee was trying to shelter in the petals also became contenders!  

I had a bit of a struggle to chop the potatoes for the mushroom soup and butter the bread, but managed it with assistance from my left hand, which made it less painful.

I have also added the approaching thunderstorm this evening!    

So lots of Silly Saturday events, kindly hosted by Admirer.

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