Long Story

Today - and yesterday - have been a long story of changed plans and things going awry. 

I know that I will have some extra work shifts next week, but I've not yet been told what they will be. I know I will be working on Monday, which isn't my normal shift. I'm working with Brandon so that Lee can have a last night off for a few months until after Brandon has had and recovered from his knee operation The boss said he will tell me then what my other hours will be - in other words, he's not worked it out himself yet!

I was meant to be going to the cinema on Monday night and I was looking forward to it, but I can't say no in the circumstances, especially as I've been saying for a while that I'd like a few more hours! So that's one thing kiboshed!

Then today I was meant to meet my parents in town to go shopping with them. I waited where we'd arranged and wasn't alarmed that I was waiting a while as I know my Dad often has a struggle to get my Mum organised and out of the door. Then I got a call from him to say he was back at home. He reckoned he'd driven past where we were meant to meet a couple of times and couldn't see me and had even gone to my house - of course I wasn't in! So that didn't happen! I don't know where he went, and I think he might think I went to the wrong place! Ah well!

This afternoon I was meant to go with Jeri to take some photos of her demonstrating some exercises for her Personal Trainer website. Well that did eventually happen - after being on and off a couple of times!

It was at the home of a friend of Jeri's who has a beautiful home (The whole downstairs of my house would fit in her kitchen/diner!) and in the basement she has her own gym. The light wasn't great and the photos haven't turned out fantastic. My camera doesn't do too well indoors but hopefully one or two of the shots will be OK...If Jeri chose not to use any of them I would not remotely be offended of course!

Now Jae is out with his mates, Bri with his, Zeph's upstairs on his PS4, and I am relaxing...with a cider or two!

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