Fun in the Sun

Today Brian went bird watching. I got a bit of tidying up done and had a nice soak in the bath to see if it helped my throat/breathing. It didn't really, but I did feel better for it! 

After lunch, Jeri and Paul picked me up and took me to their house. I gave the Boys their Easter gifts and they did an Easter Egg hunt too. Then we just chilled out for a while, and Paul cooked us a delicious risotto. 

Jeri had done a 27 mile run today as part of her training for an ultra marathon in a few weeks' time!

I took this shot of the boys playing with the water pistols they got from Jeri and Paul as part of their Easter treats! They had loads of fun out there today, and unlike chocolate, they will be able to enjoy them another day! They got choccie eggs too of course!

I went upstairs and took these shots secretly - if I'd gone out to take them, or even if they'd seen me upstairs, I'd have probably got soaked too!

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