Lizellens Lot

By lizellen

Seasonal changes

This small park/wetland area reflects the seasons as they go by. From the fresh greens in spring, to the mellow greens of summer, the rich hues of autumn to the bare branches of winter. It is a seasonal sundial which right now is pointing to autumn.

When the last Blipper biography came from Blip Central,  I realised that I had never seem any of his pictures and it got me thinking that because of time constraints, I never get to see more than the  blips from the circle of delightful people whom I follow. There are obviously a lot more equally talented Blippers out there and I would really like to take a look.

So, for just this week, I will post my blip,  but wont be commenting (unless  a bit of extra time pops up.) Instead, I am going to use the time to explore Blipland,  just to have a look.

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