The Beach

Frosty this morning, but a fantastic day followed.  
We headed off for a walk, took the car into Timaru, parked down on Caroline Bay and walked the beach, the cliffs and return.  
Met folk to chat, some we knew others we didn't.  Unusually, a bus tour had just arrived and I got chatting to an American couple, ended up taking photos of them on our beautiful beach.  They (and others) were rugged up in coats and hats, Doug and I were in tee shirts and shorts....they commented,saying "you must be local" !!

Took a few pictures along the way, dogs having hi jinks, families, reflections, fences......seen in Flickr.  But I went for this young girl, liked her tie dyed tee shirt and the activities on the beach and the wee yachts in the bay.

Happy birthday Queen Lizzie, what a remarkable women she is.  We have just watched her start the London Marathon, she looked lovely.  And a bonza day in London.

My Wellington family are flying to LA tonight for a week, then another 10 days in Hawaii.  We had a lovely Facetime this morning, Ella & Harry are very excited.  Lucky children.
The best we could afford to do at similar ages was take our three over to the West Coast, then to Picton and over to Wellington in the ferry (just for the day) - woohoo, a big adventure.  How times have changed.


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