Rainy Sunday

At last we're having some rain, along with some thunder and lightning much to the disgust of Toto who doesn't like that at all. He spent most of the night trying to find a good place to hide poor fellow ;(

J had his basketball carnival today so I went along to cheer him on. Quite a few people didn't make it due to the weather so it all finished early. J had another event to go to so I headed up to Kings Park as I knew it would be quiet because of the rain.

This is a short video about Kings Park https://youtu.be/fGSXfD-E-bM

In raincoat and with umbrella through and in between the showers I managed to get quite a few shots of all my favourites. The main shot is one of the huge mallee flowers (wing fruited mallee I think) with a bee and another mallee with ant as an extra along with a green birdflower with butterfly (Crotalaria cunninghamii) called birdflower because they resemble little birds ;o). The butterfly stopped for two beats and I took two shots and it was gone!!

Another weekend has sped by in a blink!!

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