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Wootton Bassett (Sunday 22nd April 2018)

I felt the water voles' call again this afternoon and set off once more for the old Wilts and Berks to see them, this time taking Refna with me, sure she would bring me luck. We saw a lot of nest holes in the canal banks and learned how to spot the signs as to which might be active, but, alas, the voles stayed firmly in their bunkers.

It was an excellent afternoon nonetheless and later we drove on to the other end of the watered section and found these field horsetails in great quantity. We didn't see the swans; apparently the male hasn't shown up and the female took off a couple of weeks ago - though we did see some swan feathers at one spot which looked fairly recent. We also saw a kestrel on a wire, some orange tips, my first swallows of the year and a moorhen on a nest (see Extra).

22.4.2018 (2110 hr)

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The Wilts and Berks Canal In Wootton Bassett, 22 April 2018 (Flickr album of 8 photos)

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