Sow sow

We didn’t intentionally set out to spend most of the day on gardening and allotment stuff, it just turned out that way. We did our Saturday walk into town today owing to me being on the railway yesterday.

We had our coffee and decided to call in at Wilco’s on the way home. We walked home with three new trugs, some netting, gloves, spring onion seeds, tool hooks and other paraphernalia we didn’t know we were going to buy when we went into town.

My afternoon was occupied sowing seeds; cucumber, courgette, runner and dwarf beans and various brassicas. Around St George’s Day is the time I’ve, in recent years, done the first lot of sowing. Ive often sown tomatoes and chillies before now but this year I’m buying these as plants.

In the evening we went to see Calan at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury. They’re a group of young Welsh musicians we first saw at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival 6 years ago. Traditional Welsh music with a twist and many connections to Celtic music from Scotland and Ireland. And who says Rap is a modern music style? They did a song similar in style to Scottish “mouth music” which pre dates Rap by many decades if not centuries.

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