Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Stranger on a train

Today was a real business-stuff day.  I have switched the house over to a green energy company and begun to think hard about the new table which - in one of those ridiculously complicated head puzzles - is to go where a huge chest currently is, which will itself be moving upstairs when the dilapidated monster wardrobe that came with the house is demolished to make way for a new and smaller built-in one.  Oh, and another rug may be involved.  Phew!

You really wanted to know that, didn't you?  Yes, I can tell!

So, Southampton and the train.  Though as a city I don't favour it, it's useful to scout around in, as sizes and prices begin to settle in the brain.  Even if the whole plan does in the end take months.  Meanwhile, I don't think I've ever blipped someone on a train before, though I've often been impressed by the results others of you get.  So please, please can I now join the club?

And that's it from me.  A pretty satisfying day in fact.  Even the sun's been rather more present than we'd been led to expect :))

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