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By northernlass261

All a flutter

Sunny with a very slight breeze.

We drove to Marina D'Or this morning which is still in Orporesa but a little way from here.   It is the part of the resort which is much more geared towards Tourists.   The are gardens and walkways and we visited one of the gardens which houses a small man-made waterway.   We went the other week but I only had my phone and previous times we had Holly with us (not allowed in).

Armed with the camera we walked through and I  captured these shots of the wildfowl there.   The waterways are full of Koi Carp which are huge, some caged birds but the rest are free to roam about.   Three Peahens, the Peacock missing on this trip and also the white Peafowl, Mandarin ducks, Wood ducks, Black Swans, White Swans and others.   I think I have identified them correctly.   I have put plenty in extras - too many to choose just one or two!

In such a small area there are a lot of birds, but they all look very healthy and rearing their young and not a bit put off at humans pointing cameras in their direction.   Plenty of signs asking visitors not to feed them bread and other treats and machines with feed in to purchase.   The gardens are very well kept too.   Lots of seating areas and all overlooking the beach and the sea.

I said to Alan, you wouldn't want to sit and eat a picnic there!   A lovely morning spent in the sunshine.

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