Lest We Forget

Anzac Day, Doug & I went to the Dawn Service at the Cenotaph at 6 am..... lovely service with a big crowd gathered.  Lots of families which is really good to see, which I have incorporated into my photo, five layers never before attempted.....
.....background taken off Googles stock war photos, white crosses was last years blip, the poppy was a blip last November, and the father with his two children was taken this morning.

The Poppy

What does the Poppy mean to you?
Perhaps you don't really care
But on ANZAC Day in New Zealand
The Poppy is worn everywhere

It does not glorify conflict or war
Nor is it something to hate or fear
It is a symbol of remembrance
That many hold so dear

As we march to honour the dead
Someone's father, someones's son
We wear our Poppy to remember
Each and every one

It can be made of paper, or of tin
It can be old, or bright shining new
It's just our way of saying thank you
To every one of you

It is just a humble Poppy
A reminder to us all
That bravery and  courage triumph
Where dictators and tyrants fall

Gordon McMeikan - March 2017
An adaptation of a poem by the Shankill Somme Association.

In extra is a recipe which popped up on Facebook this morning - has to be the original going by the date.

Ella's 12th birthday, but since she is in Los Angeles her birthday will be tomorrow.....sounds double dutch but true story.


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