I've spent a couple of days wondering which plant this is, growing quite high in the garden, I've captured it from all sides from last week, even with a cabbage white on it (see extra), but as I couldn't find its name I didn't post the images (I'm funny like that) . Then I saw JDO's beautiful Blip from yesterday today and now I know. Did you know that in Dutch we call these Judaspenning (Jude's coins) because of the shape of the seed heads which resemble coins, referring to the silver coins Jude received for betraying Jesus. A rather different name than the English 'Honesty'. Appropriately or interestingly I've got the debate in the Dutch parliament on my iPad on,  listening to politicians calling each other liars ! Oh, the irony...

Remember tomorrow's Abstract Thursday's theme is 'lines' and its tag AT148 :-)

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's Thai  floating market lady

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