"Where is LUNCH???"

It's the attitude, not the photo quality that puts this shot in my journal. You have to hand it to Raspberry, she can get her message across. Moments before she was snatched mid-leap from landing on my paint filled palette. That was her first attention getting action and the antics proceeded from there. I picked up my iPhone quickly hoping to capture her expression. It's not the greatest quality since it was in portrait mode, focused more on Grampa J's in progress painting. Raspberry got her lunch(with some extra cheese tidbits) and reminded me to take time for mine. 

I have accomplished enough likeness in my Grampa's face to be able to leave it for now and move. The background is in flux, perhaps I'll adding some poppies in the distance and work on the trench area that you can't see in this shot at thin the upper portion. I also need work on the New England stone wall behind him. The painting is loosely taken from a reference photo in the spring of 1919. He's soon to board a train home to the embrace his parents, and siblings without his older soldier brother, Leon, at his side. Leon's body was finally brought home from France, by the Army, in 1921 for burial at our town cemetery. 

For the Record,
This day came in rainy and dark. We hired a landscape company to rake the property yesterday. It looks great and well worth the money.

All hands looking forward toMay and warmer weather 

Extra, end of day painting progress.

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