By si_b

FLOSS Edinburgh

Mark !

A little context ( added later for reasons which will become clear ... ) - I've been in Edinburgh for the last few days at the FLOSS UK Conference where I gave a workshop on Wednesday and a talk on Thursday. Towards the end of the day, we also did "lightning" talks - a five minute slot - conceived on the day - to entertain, illustrate and educate on something that you can possibly do in 5 minutes. So what you see above is a portrait of Mark, one of the Council members responsible for organising the conference - taken, process on a Linux laptop using Darktable ( a free, open source Adobe Lightroom equivalent ) and uploaded to blip in that 5 minute time limit. With the added interest that people are watching you do it, and the screen space that you have to work with is limited by the projector resolution being limited to 800x600 - all I'm going to say is try it - set your screen to 800x600 and open your image editor - you can't actually see the image and the menus at the same time ... Definitely a challenge ! I believe that a video of this may be available on YouTube at some point, if so - I'll update here ... 

Obviously I didn't have time to type very much - so I just did the title and "Mark !" in the body - I've come back with this explanation, tags and added it to the map on Friday :-P

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