In the world of little people!

Their magic can be invaluable... Did I hear a very faint lullaby over the baby monitor last night?  Grandbaby slept through till 6.30 this morning!  Granny is visiting the little people!

I don't think this is quite what Markus meant for his EP22, but It's my take on the subject!  The first photo was taken outside the church my friend and I stopped in for a cup of coffee.  The door not far, across the road from the church. Granny is from the doll's house!

My take on Magic realism - hosted by Markus!  Thank you so much for yet another great challenge Markus!!!

I was going to add windows but I daren't stay that long on the computer!  Head much better and I think the long walk in the sun didn't do any harm!!

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