By dreaming

Taken by surprise

I caught this shot of Minkelina in the process of climbing onto my lap.  She seems more relaxed since she started sitting on it.  I love her quizzical expression.

This has been a very library weekend.  Yesterday evening there was a reception for all the volunteers throughout the Seattle Public Library system, and since this on was held at the Greenwood branch (just a couple of miles south) rather than at the Central Library as in previous years, I went.  I was surprised by how few of us were there; maybe it's being here in the north end kept a lot of folks away.  But there were desserts, a talk by Chief Librarian Marcellus Turner, and a trivia contest.  We grouped ourselves into teams of four - in my group, all short-haired graying senior ladies who called ourselves the Austen Elders - and played in a bar trivia format.  That meant reading questions and writing answers, which I, who had not brought my reading glasses, had not expected.  We were tied for first place after the first two rounds, but then came a round which looking at photos and determining what film they came from and who was the author of the book from which they were adapted.  And here my eyes failed me - I just could not make out some of the pictures, and none of us had seen three of the very new, films, or even heard of them.  So we were out of the running for prizes.  The winning team had several young people on it, which gave them an edge with those films. But it was fun, and I exchanged phone numbers with a couple of members of my team, so I look forward to seeing them again.  And now I know I have to get a pair of bifocals that actually fit and feel comfortable.

And of course, today being Saturday, I was at the library for my volunteer session, reading newspaper articles with my student.  He also brought up a question that had come to him as he was reading resumes at work: when does one say "experience in" and when "experience with"?  Since there's no rule that I could think of, we had a long discussion of what it might be.  An interesting challenge.

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