The second half of life..

By twigs


I had thought I might get up and do the sunrise-over-the-boulders thing again but decided against it when I heard rain falling during the night (to be honest, I think my subconscious rules the roost a bit too much when it comes to plans to get up early.  I've never been a morning person and, even with good intentions when I go to bed, I somehow am able to talk my way out of early rises, even when I'm still half asleep!)

Rose at a more sedate time around 8.00, breakfasted, cleared up, tidied then headed to the office to pay for my night's stop-over.

"Will you be staing again tonight?"

"Hmmmmm......I'm not sure.  What day is it today?" (don't you love holidays like that?!) 

Ahhh.....let's see.  It's Thursday today"

"Oh - in that case I can't as I need to be in Dunedin for two o'clock this afternoon"

"OK.  That'll be $20 for last night then..........have a great trip."

.....and so it was I began my slow trip to Dunedin (only a bit over an hour away at a 'normal' driving pace.  First port of call - Moeraki Boulders (sans sunrise.)  The sun had clawed its way in to the sky and created a beautiful day.  Imagine my shock then when I arrived at the boulders only to find some 200-odd people climbing, running, posing and jumping all over and around the mini-monoliths of Moeraki.  I walked down to the rocks but the busyness just wasn't what I wanted so I didn't hang around too long.  Away I headed, on the road and cruising - very slowly via some other beautiful beaches - to arrive in the city with time aplenty to find a parking spot, do a little shop-mooching then head to the venue.........

......but there were only a tiny handful of people milling about, not the hundreds I was expecting.  I asked a knowledgeable looking girl if I was at the right place.....?

"Yes - this is where the convention is on.  Can I help?"

"Ummm.....maybe.....what's happening here?

"Ah - the trade stands are just setting up ready for tomorrow.  Do you have a stand?"

"Noooo......I'm an attendee.  Tomorrow.......??"

"Yes - the  convention starts on Thursday.....tomorrow."

Serioulsy - I never arrive anywhere early but 24 hours early is unheard of!!!  Bummer - I could have stayed in Moeraki another night afterall.

OK - time to touch base with K then which turned out to be a very pleasant way to spend some unexpected time :)

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