Well we finally arrived, touching down at 6:30 at Haneda airport.  Andrew met us in after we cleared customs and we had a coffee, not Nero, they don't have any in Japan I don't think. Then the bus into Yokohama.  We went to Andrew's flat first to see Noriko and Kio, then all out for lunch and a quick look round the city.  As with Tokyo it's crammed with flyover and apartment blocks and a network of rivers leading to the port and sea.  I haven't noticed too much of the 'old' Japan yet, unlike in Tokyo, but we've still a bit of exploring to do.  

After lunch Pete and I went back to our Airbnb to drop our luggage and have a couple of hours catch up sleep.

Later out for tea in one of the many restaurants in Yokohama station, a vast complex of eleven floors packed with shops and eateries, oh yes, you can catch a train there too!  

Tired now but not wanting to fall too far behind with my blips.  I saw this flower shop and narrow street next to it, maybe a little of the old town?

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