Yokohama II

We slept well last night and by the time Andrew and Noriko came round to the flat it was nearly time for lunch (we had been up and eaten breakfast a while before that).

So a nice salad lunch in Family Mart, a local chain of convenience stores, then Andrew took us to see a bit of the 'old' town.  A series of very interesting narrow street packed with small bars, cafes and shops including this cat cafe where for a price you can pet a cat with your coffee (see extras).

From there we went to the redeveloped dock area.  There is a very large observation wheel, two rollover coasters and a log flume, (see extras) also a Pot Noodle museum, although here it is called Cup Noodle.

Iced Earl Grey tea mid-afternoon, it was getting quite warm, about 26 degrees. We spent the evening at Andrews where Noriko made a lovely tea.

Children's Day is at the end of Golden Week, the picture showing koi fishes represents the family, black fish father, red fish mother, and their children.  The flags are normally flown throughout Golden Week.

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