A time for everything

By turnx3

Lines and shadows

A beautiful day today after a chilly start - there was even a slight touch of frost on the grass this morning. We had church as usual this morning, but we didn’t stay for bible study today, since we needed to get back home, have some lunch, change, and be back at church for our Saint Paul presents concert, featuring Saint Paul musicians, which I talked about yesterday. As far as I could tell, it seemed to go very well, and we had a decent sized audience. Dan, our director, who is actually a percussionist, and had his drums set up facing us, so he was playing and conducting at the same time (!), certainly looked happy as we were singing! Most of the songs were preceded by a narration, read by different people as different characters, and yesterday I had felt several of them were rather weak, as far as not reading very clearly, or without much feeling, but today they did much better, and it certainly felt as if we gave it all we had. Afterwards there was a reception, and the audience seemed to have enjoyed it. It was still lovely and warm and sunny when we were finished, so we returned home, changed into our cycling gear, and headed out for a ride on the bike trail, starting at Kings Mills. We did 14 miles return - an extra 2 over the last time, so now I’m feeling quite tired! I think it will be another early night tonight! My Blip was taken at our turn around point in Morrow.
Well, tomorrow is the big day - Roger’s last day of work - as he is retiring! It may seem strange to retire on a Monday, but it has to be the last day of the month! They have organized a retirement “do” for him late afternoon, which I will be present for. Then I’ve got to get used to him being around more! More time for traveling is one thing we’re hoping for!
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