This has to be the most bizarre sunrise or homescape of all time.  
Let me explain.....taken this morning (of course), the shower had steamed up the windows, this particular window was slightly open giving a  landscape on the right, the steam back-lit by the sun giving a textured effect on the left.
And whats more, I now have at least a dozen of funky textures to use when ever I feel the urge....all from steamed up windows.

It was so good to have a sunny day after all the wet wet and more wet weather experienced over the weekend.  Helps with the drying out.....and because of this we had doors and windows open. A sparrow made a poor navigational error....grrrr

A friend asked me some time back if I could sort out photos I had taken of Jacks Point Lighthouse as it is on their land (or was).  Takes some time as over the years I've snapped away quite a few.  I've got a selection of 12 for her.  Another job off my list.....but as one job gets done another crops up, like another friend wants photos of her home area which of these.  Shouldn't be too difficult as I don't travel up to the McKenzie too frequently, and I'm pretty organised with My Pictures folders.

Enough dribble, tooroo


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