It’s been really hard to choose what to post tonight.
This was another lucky drive by shot. Looks like further outback but just a street in Broome and he is definitely not there as a tourist attraction.

When we were in the Tourist Info yesterday John asked if there were tours of the Flying Doctor (his favourite charity) base. There aren’t, but shortly afterwards we got a phone call from someone offering to show us around so today we had our own private tour. They have a most impressive setup and provide an extraordinary service attending to medical emergencies in remote areas.

Then we drove to a few scenic spots. The first extra was taken at Gantheaume Point. Apparently you can see dinosaur footprints there at low tide which we might do later in the week of we can get up early enough.

Although we thought “Stairway to the Moon” was pretty spectacular last night we decided to go again and it was even better so I’m afraid I have to post another extra of it.
This time we viewed it from the gardens of the Mangrove Hotel where we also had a drink and pizza. I must say it was more comfortable than last night sitting on the ground on my beach towel.

Big day tomorrow :-)

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