Wide Wednesday at Cape Leveque

Once again I would have preferred one of the upcoming themes to today’s of “mechanical” but I’ll post this one as there is a plane in it. Undoubtedly mechanical. It’s a Fying Doctor plane and quite likely the one we looked through yesterday. Thanks host, Bob’sBlips.

We were picked up at 6:15am for a day trip 200km north to Cape L’Eveque. The first 100km on unsealed corrugations must have been the roughest ride I have ever endured. It rocked like a boat at times, seeming to twist in all directions. I didn’t get seasick this time but it crossed my mind.
However it was worth it.

First we visited the old mission settlement of Beagle Bay where the little church is decorated with mother of pearl. (1st extra).

Next stop was the Cygnet Bay pearl farm where we were treated to a fascinating presentation by a young Aborigine, Terry.
He opened an oyster for us and sure enough it contained a pearl. 75-80% do, but not all are of commercial quality. (2nd extra).

Further on we stopped at a hatchery. They actually farm a certain type of shellfish but have several big tanks containing various sea creatures which they show and explain to tourists.

Our final stop was Cape Leveque. The rest of our group of 6 went for a swim which was very tempting but Mr isbi had an encounter with a potentially deadly irukandji jellyfish several years ago so neither of us was inclined to risk it, especially seeing 3 people have been stung in the area in the last week.
That meant I had time to walk to the other beach where the best scenery was. (3rd extra).

We got back at 7pm, tired and very ready for a shower.

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