You'd better watch them !

We were picking up son no 1 from Edinburgh airport this afternoon and decided to go past Stirling and Grangemouth on the M9 instead of down the M90 past Perth. There's nothing tiny about the Kelpies (sorry Riwaka, I've got no TinyTuesday entry today) and they tower above the motorway, today looking as sinister as kelpies are in the stories (they would lure people to touch them, once touched the people then were stuck to them and the kelpies would force them to water and drown them !). Shot taken while driving below them, the advantage of being the passenger in a car with the steering wheel on the left. Son no 1 arrived in time, we went home and down to the driving range for him to practise a bit while DJ is still injured, and where yesterday it was 20C and lovely and sunny, this afternoon it started to rain, the wind went up and it was rather cold. Must be quite a change for the son, who has been in Singapore almost a year now.

Thanks so very much for the kind comments, stars and even faves for yesterday's bridge Blip !

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